UP your solstice, witches..its a ‘Brack attack..

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Wow…I was gonna load this video as a poke at the Illuminati on their precious summer solstice as a way of gloating over all the ball-breaking revelations Ive made today, but, you’ll notice at the 2:35 mark the singer, the late Doug Bennett reaches out from beyond the grave to totally own me with an impressive one-eyed salute to satan….props, dude..rip..

Where art thou, Brother Bob ?

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One of my favourite local radio hosts, Brother Bob, on Ottawa’s Jewel 98.5,just kinda went missing a while back, I liked his boyish enthusiasm for the oldies, sorta like Elwy Yost had for cinema. I just realized that current host Ted Silver was playing the role of Brother Bob.
Sorry to ‘out’ you, Lodge Brother Bob, but, you are engaging in deception, and like the Bible says, there are no secrets that shall not be revealed.

Amanda Forrest and Cynthia Loyst , twins ?

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Having had a schoolboy crush on both of these Canadian TV foxes for years, it suddenly occurred to me that they have the same voice and face, sadly tho, it also means that Amanda’s huge rack must be fake..oh well, her awesome hairstyle more than makes up for it..

Clint Howard and Dwight Yoakam, twins or not ?

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You decide….

Bill Schnoebelen and Eric Karlstrom; twins ?

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I never paid much attention to Schnoebelen, he talks alot but doesent say anything, a time waster shill, but now I see him talking about gang stalking, which is very real. As a targeted individual I know. So, why is he playing multiple roles ?

Here is Scnoebelen on the Prophecy Club, is he really a follower of Jesus ?

Vigilant Christian and David Pakman ; the same person ?

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VC seems disguised, especially around his eyes, and he has a distinctive voice, if he also plays the role of Pakman (PacMan?), lol, that’s deception, the Devil’s greatest trick. I might be wrong though, decide for yourself…

I’m not trying to be hateful or hurtful, I know I should not judge someone just because they sin differently than I do, but it seems apparent to me that many actors and celebrities, politicians, and so-called Truthers are playing multiple roles, Im not really sure who they are, but I assume they have signed non-disclosure agreements and would lose their pension if they confessed, or worse, but I would like to encourage them to talk with Jesus in prayer, be patient, and sincere, ask forgiveness and forgive others.. If you don’t then how can you be forgiven ?
Anyways I hope that whoever these people are that they can establish a relationship with Jesus, surrender to love and help us fight all the deception surrounding us.Coming soon; an article on Mark Dice and his many roles.

Revelation of the hierarchy , yo

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……what tha …..?