Vigilant Christian and David Pakman ; the same person ?

VC seems disguised, especially around his eyes, and he has a distinctive voice, if he also plays the role of Pakman (PacMan?), lol, that’s deception, the Devil’s greatest trick. I might be wrong though, decide for yourself…

I’m not trying to be hateful or hurtful, I know I should not judge someone just because they sin differently than I do, but it seems apparent to me that many actors and celebrities, politicians, and so-called Truthers are playing multiple roles, Im not really sure who they are, but I assume they have signed non-disclosure agreements and would lose their pension if they confessed, or worse, but I would like to encourage them to talk with Jesus in prayer, be patient, and sincere, ask forgiveness and forgive others.. If you don’t then how can you be forgiven ?
Anyways I hope that whoever these people are that they can establish a relationship with Jesus, surrender to love and help us fight all the deception surrounding us.Coming soon; an article on Mark Dice and his many roles.


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